Os Noctambulos

39th & The Nortons

We had a great gig at L’International last night, a few hiccups and broken strings along the way but lot’s of fun!Here’s the setlist…


It Scares Me




I Won’t Hurt You (39th & The Nortons)

Forget Everything

On The Run

I Arrived

The Circle Ain’t Broken

Watching you

Walk On


For You (39th & The Nortons)

Without Regret (39th & The Nortons)

Song For Olivier



Bad Man


It’s been a great first year for Os Noctàmbulos. We’ve played with some of our favourite bands, made it to Liverpool Psych Fest and back and recorded two releases worth of material. The first, a split 12” with Plantains (US) on Stolen Body Records, will be released by March 2014.

In April/May we have our debut album coming out on Evil Hoodoo Records, also on vinyl.

I’m most looking forward to recording our second album in 2014. With most of the tracks already written we hope to record before the summer. We’re already playing some of the new songs live (‘Medication’, ‘Outsider’, ‘The Circle Ain’t Broken’, ‘I Arrived’, & ‘Watching You’) and will add to these in the new year.

Thanks to all the promoters and people who have supported us so far, we really couldn’t do it without your help!

Split 12” Vinyl out on Stolen Body Records early 2014! 
Plantains/Os Noctàmbulos - 6 songs each!

Split 12” Vinyl out on Stolen Body Records early 2014!

Plantains/Os Noctàmbulos - 6 songs each!

Les Nautes, Paris - 28.11.13

Os Noctàmbulos - Releases so far

'Song For Olivier' (Demo) - Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia PZYK0002 Compilation, released 7th September 2013

'Forget Everything' (Demo) - The Active Listener Sampler 13 Compilation, released 11th October 2013


Tour was great. We had problems with the van which meant we missed the Leeds show, but i don’t want to dwell on that. The gigs we did play were so much fun and Liverpool Psych Fest delivered everything it promised.

Home now and back to mixing. I’m working on Os Noctàmbulos material for a 7 track E.P. release early next year, followed by our debut album which is to be released by Evil Hoodoo Records in the spring.

39th & The Nortons next record is on the back burner for the moment but i’m aiming for a January 2014 release for that now.

Thanks to everyone who helped on tour!

At Liverpool Psych Fest, Blade Factory 27.09.2013

At Liverpool Psych Fest, Blade Factory 27.09.2013

Os Noctàmbulos - Polly

Os Noctàmbulos - Forget Everything